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Rocky Burton

Written by Rocky Burton. (21 December 2001)

Hi all,

My bike is poorly at the moment, it seems my close encounter of the brick kind has done more damage than first thought. I've had the wheel sorted but my steering is twisted and I've had to strip the front end to check my forks.

I've sent some more pics of a few of my previous bikes for you to ogle (and laugh!).

Honda 250

The 250 was probably the best bike I've had and got me through thick and thin and stood up to a severe thrashing of 64 miles on a regular basis, when I was working in Huntingdon. Amazingly it was stolen three times and sadly the third was the last. Stripped for parts I believe (the tank,side panels and leather seat was last seen in Peterborough).


The Suzusick was just a big mistake.I confess to being a gullible prat when I bought it from Carnells. When I picked it up from Carnells, the chain was too large for the sprockets and I could fit a fag (cigarette) between the chain and sprocket. It rode like a bag of shit and was uncomfortable at speed of any kind.


The GS gone I bought a Honda CBR750.That was just a missile, it should've had USAF on it's tail! It had gear driven cams and made a sweet sound under acceleration and handled really well for such a big bike.I was sad to see it go but it was costing a fortune to run. Like the RC42, Bits were hard to find.

Anyway, I hope you all have a happy Christmas and New Year

All the best Rocky

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