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Written by Rocky Burton. (29 November 2001)

Hi Everyone,hope you are well.

I'm having a nightmare at the moment with my 'old girl'. The weather was quite nice, so I thought I would give the new spark plugs a good go, I started changing the plugs and found that one of the originals was slightly cross threaded. Pleased I was not, but luckily not too much damage was done and the new plug fitted ok.

Once everything was back together I tried to start it. Nothing. I was gutted. It turned over no problem but just would not fire up and I confess that I spat the dummy and threw teddy out of the pram. After a few fags, a coffee and a quick read, I was lost.

I returned to the object of my pain and after looking at it for 5 mins I realised that I forgot the vacuum tube on the petrol tank. Doh. Once refitted it started first time, but the idle was all over the place and I just could not settle it down so I thought sod it, time for a quick blast.

Bricking it!
On venturing out, the bike was the same at low and high speed (135 to 140 on the bypass towards Kings Lynn was plenty I think)*

On the return trip I decided to hit the back roads (less Plod) but I wish I hadn't. was doing about 50-55mph behind a car when I spotted a full house brick in my path, too late. Bang, My arse left the seat and my steering went from lock to lock, When I came down again I lost my footrest!

Holy s**t, I stopped, smoked half pouch of Samson and began to inspect the bike. I now have a flat spot on the left side of the rim about 3" long but the tyre looked ok so I rode, or rather, Limped home.

My steering is slightly twisted and it drops into corners with no usual reassurance. Needless to say I'm gutted and Denso can shove their plugs.

Photo moto
On a lighter note, I have just had some "family photo's" done, and yes, my bike was there too. I'd been bugged by a photo studio to sign up to a "family photo session" for ages so I thought why not. The look on the receptionist's face was a picture when I said I wanted my bike in the photo's.They eventually agreed and a week later I turned up and rode through the reception and waiting room and with a bit skill (Ahem) got it in the studio and onto the stage. Before you ask my wife was not amused.

It was worth the money and hassle just to see peoples reactions as I rode out again. HaHa. We had the photo's done and as soon as I get them I will put them in the site. (Ed. Picture now on the site -
click here)

Anyway,sorry to melt your brains. All the best and keep on riding the Bitch (you know she likes it)!

* If you are a copper, It wasn't me, Honest Guv. :o)


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