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Written by Rocky Burton. (September 2001)

150mph CB (You all want to know more don't you?)

Well done on the cool web site.It's good to know I'm not the only one who rides an RC42 (I gave up calling it a cb750 as all the dickeds in the bike shops think I'm talking about the old rocking horses).

One thing I have noticed since buying my bike is the lack of spares and new bolt on goodies out there. I have tried nearly every trader in East Anglia and lots countrywide.F**k all.

My bike was previously owned by a RAF pilot and it goes like f**k.I've seen Between 145/150mph on the clock and was verified by my mates on their VTR1000 and GSXR600. The engine has definately been in the RAF workshops and runs extremely smooth. The lazer race system sounds outa this world. The front end was butchered though. The original clocks and headlight are gone and replaced by a stupid mini headlight fairing (the bulbs rattle loose and are not very bright) and a dash off a Derbi moped cut to fit a speedo and bodged on to fit. I'm currently trying to make my own dash and a nice set of chrome twin headlights. I will send some pics as soon as I figure out how?

Once again Cracking job on the site

All the best Brian (Rocky) Burton


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