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Written by Rocky Burton. (17 November 2001)

Hi Everyone,hope you are well.

Sourcing Spares
I have been a busy little Cbee recently trying to find some useful info to share and sourcing spares (If you own an RC42, you know this is a nightmare). I have lost count of the times that I have rang a breakers for spares and had my hopes dashed at the last as the kind man say's "Sorry mate, I only got bits for the old 77' CB750".

Do you think it would be a good idea to help each other find the bit's we all need? Maybe a list of reliable sources could be posted? (email your contacts to the usual e-dress. ed)

International Motor Cycle and Scooter Show 2001
I had a most enjoyable time at the NEC Bike show last Sunday and I'm not sure but I think I now hold the record for the amount of times I lapped the place bouncing from stand to stand like I was stuck in a pinball machine! It was definately a case of cool bike, crap bike, buxom babe on bike, beer stop and bike bits! I was knackered.

Best bit, Tracy Coleman on a MV Agusta.Dribble.Worst bit, Dickhead on the Honda stand - when I asked for help. He was dribbling. Wierdest bit, Bloke walking around in full mountaineer kit (even had a big stick) pointing at the dirtbike ramps!

Anyway, it was worth going just to speak to the people at The Edge. Advanced rider training with some real benefits and it sounds great fun. If you don't go to the NEC, here is the website address:
www.get-the-edge.co.uk.Well worth a look.

Spark Plugs
Just fitted some Denso spark plugs and I will be giving them a good test (hi speed, low speed, and idle) to see if they are better than NGK plugs.

Anyway, I hope I haven't bored the pants off you and if all is well you will here from me again.

All the best and keep on riding the Bitch (you know she likes it!)


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