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Shock Protector - (swing arm gizmo)

Sent in by Pablo

From - Off Road Only Tel; 01597 851 811
Part# 77-8320B £9.28 + P&P

Here's something I found by accident that works a treat on the CB.

I bought the above for my trail bike but it wouldn't fit so I fitted to the CB. Obviously it does not have a monoshock but the back wheel always sprays the swing arm pivot and back of the engine with stones and crud off the road. I've yet to see a hugger available for the CB so this made a cheap and unobtrusive alternative.

If you fancy fitting one its extremely easy. With the bike on the centre stand remove the rear wheel, seat & and side panels. Position the protector so it just clears the swing arm seam. Mark and drill two holes through the plastic wheel arch, being careful not to hit any wires on the other side. Fix with M8x25(ish) stainless bolts. To fasten the nut & washer to the right hand one you will have to unbolt the rear brake reservoir and pull it down out of the way.