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Gliptone Liquid Leather
150ml bottle RRP £6.35 direct (inc. p&p) (about £5.20 in shops)


Gliptone liquid leather


What is it?

I should know?

do I use it?


How often
should I use it?


What is it?
Iíve been using Liquid Leather for a few years now and itíll probably be familiar to you old hands, but if you havenít seen it before itís worth thinking about something like this to keep your leathers in good nick. Liquid Leather is whatís usually called a conditioner; its main job is to keep the leather soft and supple, with the added attractions of improved water and dirt resistance. It also restores the Ďnew leather smellí -at least for a few days after application. It also maintains breathability, which is important - full on waterproofing is not a good idea for leather, thatís what over-suits are for. On black leather it does restore colour a bit, and leaves a pleasing matte finish that looks good yet still lived in.

How do I use it?
Application is simple, if your leathers are dirty you should clean them first - I use a damp cloth without any cleaners (if your leathers are really manky you should use a specialist cleaner first) Ė and allow them to dry, regular use should help prevent your gear get really minging. Itís best to lay your kit out on a large flat surface (the living room carpet is not a good idea!), I usually pour a little on then gently rub it in, itís pretty obvious when youíve put enough on Ė donít go for total saturation. As it says on the bottle, rub it well in but donít polish it off, no rocket science involved. Working methodically panel by panel is the best way to go. Itís worth getting a hold of some heavy-duty coat hangers to hang your gear on and allow it to dry off over night. On new gear or if youíve let yours get a bit tatty, then a couple of Ďcoatsí over a couple of days is a good idea.

How often should I use it?
Basically when my gearís looking a bit the worse for wear I re-apply, I guess I do my trousers every three-four months (the most used part of my leather gear) and the rest of my kit two-three times a year, so itís no too onerous a task.

Anything I should know about?
Being an old fashioned sort of guy Iíve never tried it on coloured leather so best go for the Ďtry it on a small hidden areaí first just in case, there are no warnings on the labeling and Iíve never heard of any problems. There are certain leather finishes that Liquid Leather shouldnít be used on, these are specified on the label, but this shouldnít be a problem for most bike clothing.

Avoid getting the seams gunked up (especially if youíve got concertina stretch panels) and donít ride in gear that isnít properly dry. This will attract grit into those sensitive areas that can rub away weakening stitching.

Well itís inexpensive, easy to apply, the instructions are spot on, you get plenty mileage out of a 150ml bottle, and it works. Iíve used it successfully on all my leather gear, jacket, trousers, boots and gloves. Decent leather kit doesnít come cheap so itís worth spending a few extra quid to enhance the life span.

A great little product if your leathers need a little TLC.

For more info. Or if you canít buy it locally check out http://www.liquidleather.com/index.htm

What more is there to say? Four out of five spanners.

If you have any specific questions you can email me at

Phil (editor)