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Prym 15mmØ press stud kit (ref. 390 200)

Here's a useful piece of kit that's worth investing a fiver in. A simple kit to repair damaged Press Studs - making spoilt riding gear as good-as-new. In fact, Prym-and-proper once again.

prym press stuf kit

The kit contains ten pairs of studs (top and bottom) and a basic jig for assembling them. The inclosed instructions are brief and not very helpful, but with a little thought the kit can be mastered.

I tried the kit on my own Teknic breathable fabric jacket and was totally chuffed by the professional result. Surprisingly, the Prym studs matched the Teknic originals perfectly. The best thing is that I didn't have to pay a skilled tailor or loose the use of the jacket while waiting for the repair. A fiver well spent and a perfect result. Job done.


Available from Hobbycraft shops, or