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OEM Anodised Aluminium Footpegs

OEM is a company that offers fine motorcycle accessories that rank alongside craftsmen made bespoke parts. All their products are very fairly priced: they're not cheap, but you won't buy a better product anywhere. Like a wise man once said 'If you want cheap buy a canary'.

The highlight of OEM's product range is their lovely Anodised Aluminium Footpegs. OEM have distinguished themselves by following there own path and designing a totally unique footpeg - a fitting park for biker tootsies. The overall style leans heavily toward the Gothic, being studded with stainless steel nodules (that look remarkably like 3mm roundhead screws). They're compact and light while still offering the same amount of grip that the original equipment provides, perhaps more.

The OEM footpegs are easy to fit. Simply remove the originals pegs, taking care to save the original split pins and springs. The only thing not supplied by OEM being Loctite and new split rings - with care these may not be required anyway.

OEM have CNC Machined the pegs out of Aluminium Billet and finished them in a choice of six anodised colours - Black, Blue, Natural, Gold, Purple and Red.

As a replacement for damaged pegs or as a simple tasteful upgrade I can't recommend them enough. OEM have assured me that their footpegs will fit 90% of motorcycles on the road today including our CB750, CBX750 and Nighthawks.

I'd give the OEM footpegs a well deserved 4.5 out of 5 'spanner' rating.

A pair of OEM footpegs can be yours for the bargain price of £29.95 - available direct from Oberon Engineering Ltd.

Picture shown is courtesy of OEM.

For more information contact:

Oberon Engineering Limited
6, Havant Business Centre,
Harts Farm Way,

Tel: (023) 92 481188 (International +44 phone without first zero)

Website: www.oem-uk.com