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Belstaff Sport Panniers Plus

The ultimate test of any Saddlebags/Panniers must surely be 'How many tinnies can be crammed into them?'. A good supply of liquid fortification is extremely pleasant to have around, but those same tins of booze also possess all the qualities required of luggage testing ballast (at least until they've been drained of their contents).

After very scientific and meticulous testing, I can report that Belstaff's Sport Pannier Plus will carry a total combined load of Forty mixed tins of Lager and Bitter. Now I have to admit that this amount of party juice may well exceed Belstaff's weight carrying limit by some margin. But, on occasion us Bikers have been known to stretch a few regulations - and who cares anyway? Belstaff recommend no more than 5kg in each bag - and of course so do I, really.

The Belstaff Sport Pannier Plus look the business and are made in a sporty design from 100% PU Coated Ballistic Nylon (1000 denier). Each bag uses quick release buckles and straps to fix the bags to the bike, plus there are extra safety straps and bungee cords built in. A very tidy addition is a discreet zip pocket around the back of each bag wherein hides a plastic storm cover.

The Panniers expand to meet your requirements by the use of zips and buckles. These can be a bit fiddly to use, but they work well enough.

As a product the Belstaff Sport Pannier Plus are good value-for-money at under £70.00 and they do what they're meant to very well indeed. Belstaff aren't the only company supply such a product - there are similar panniers made by Oxford Products, Cambridge, MPS and others.

I expect it won't be long before a company develops a new kind of Pannier and livens things up. Who knows maybe in the future some bright and eager ladder-climber will invent Panniers with Optics and Taps? Now that would be useful.

Picture shown is courtesy of Belstaff.

For more information contact:

Belstaff UK Ltd
18-20 Rosevale Road
Parkhouse Industrial Estate West
Staffordshire ST5 7EF

Tel: 01782 569800