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MPS Top Case

Do you know anyone that 'likes' top boxes? Horrible 'But-Ugly' boxes that ruin the flowing lines of any bike. Yet people buy the damned things. I have.

There is quite a choice available from various makers, but possible the best-kept-secret is the 'MPS Top Case'. Priced competitively at just £29.99 plus postage. For your money you get a black moulded polypropylene box with a neat stow-away handle. A Quick-Release plate is supplied for fitting to most original and after market racks.

In use the MPS Top Case keeps your valuables (or your sarnies) dry through the use of an efficient rubber seal. It doesn't rattle (the really cheap ones do). There are better boxes about, made by Givi, Nonfango and others, but all cost loads more than I'd want to spend.

MPS's jobbie released quickly from the bike. So, when the weekend finally arrives simply detach your MPS Top Case and your bike becomes instantly cool once again.

Picture shown is courtesy of MPS.

Buy from:

Daneheath Business Park
Newton Abbot
TQ12 6TL

Tel: 01626 835835