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'Fabbri - Sportif Mini' screen

The 'Fabbri - sportif mini' Screen is manufactured to a high standard in Acrylic with Chromed Steel fittings. Its simple to fit - just as well because I found no instructions in the packaging.

Steel fittings. Mmmm... Why don't makers of aftermarket bike products use stainless steel? The use of SS would add just a few pence to the total cost, but would be a huge improvement. Especially on a bike. Anyway, the fittings provide adequate adjustment and look OK. It will be interesting to see how they look after a British winter or three. Shiny or Rusty? Motrax point out that the steel fittings have a thick coating of chrome and should not rust or dull.

I've set the rake of the blade parallel to the angle of the forks. Previous experience with larger touring screens has taught me that this ball-park setting usually limits any detrimental effects on handling, although trial & error will finally determine the best position.

First impressions are promising. Deep red acrylic suits the Honda's burgundy paintwork - my young son is pleased anyway! On the move, at speed the rush of air is now redirected from chest toward visor and over the shoulder. This creates a 'tad' more noise. Oh well; with a little tweaking, perhaps some of the previous tranquility will be restored. On the plus side (a big plus) as speed increases I am now able to ride with poise and in full control, rather than holding on with ever-tightening grip.

The 'Fabbri - sportif mini' screen seems taller than some other fly screens. Its priced fairly at around £40 . It is available in either Red, Blue, Clear, Light Tint or Dark Smoke acrylic. And it comes with its own tasteful raised 'Fabbri' badge too! Very much OK.

Pictures shown are courtesy of Motrax MCA Ltd.

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