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Why I bought a Honda CB Sevenfifty.

Written by Martyn King.

I used to have a Kawasaki ZZR600, thought it was the Dogs Danglies. Unfortunately a myopic car driver decided to kill it for me and in the process break my foot..

The death of a ZZR

The death of a ZZR

The insurance money came through and it was time to look for a new ride. I fancied a Ninja 600 or CBR 600 but couldnít see any in my price range.

I looked round for a while, mates with cars providing a taxi service (cheerz guys), and in my local shop (wonít mention the name as they gave me a crap time). I spied this big, black retro machine. I knew straight away that it would be mine.

Martyn Kings CB waiting for ritual abuse

The bike in question, a Honda CB 750 F2 with 14k miles and looking like a minter. I gave it a good coat of ďlooking atĒ and proceeded to clamber on board. This was a bit difficult as I had my foot in plaster at the time. Anyhow, it fitted like a glove but I didnít buy it right off. It took me a web search and another two visits to ďmyĒ bike and a few questions to another owner before I did the deal. I didnít even bother with a test ride as I knew that it was the bike for me.

As luck would have it we decided that we got on with each other, Iíve ridden her for 2500 miles in 7 weeks without any problems. Wish I could say the same about taking delivery, but thatís another story.

I put a new rear tyre on and she thanked me by becoming even more obliging in the bends. Then it was time for the 16k service.

I dread this one; itís usually expensive but this time I got a nice surprise, only £109! I know that I could have done it myself but this is the first bike that Iíve had with a full service history so I thought that Iíd carry it on. Itís also the first bike Iíve had that came with the manual and previous owners in single figures!

The service improved throttle response a bit. I reckon it was down to getting the carbs balanced and vacced.

Iíve now customised my bike, i.e. stuck on some stickers, a small flyscreen and fender extender on it and itís getting to be more like me all the time. Except itís a she and Iím a macho tattooed biker bloke. :0)

Overall I like this bike a lot. If only it would accelerate a bit more aggressively then I would be in heaven.