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Stainless Steel exhaust systems

If you've been following the talk about exhaust systems on the message board and Rocks On - you may be interested in an idea from Roy of OS Silencers.

OS Silencer's system for a Turbo

Roy Writes, "Motad do a Neta system for the CBX 750 and this fits the F2, it costs about £225 and has stainless headers, if you can buy the pipes without the hideous silencer , I could make a can, which would improve the bike no end, for about £160. If you aren't keeping the bike for more than a couple of years there is no point in spending a load of money, we are only cost effective if you are hanging on to the bike or want stainless copies of originals."

Roy makes an good point about how long you expect to keep the bike for. There's no point spending a heap of cash on a machine you don't intend to keep. BUT, if you are likely to sell your bike in the next few years, don't forget that having a full stainless steel system is a huge selling point. Read on...

Assuming a seller of Motad Neta downpipes can be found and a price of around £125 agreed, it opens up the possibility of combining the OS can to the Neta downpipes for a total price of under £290. A full Stainless Steel exhaust system for under £300 - anyone interested? And, does anyone fancy phoning around?

Roy's original quote:
Hi all - I've received a very interesting quote from one of the best exhaust builders in the country. OS Stainless based in Hixon, Staffordshire specialise in manufacturing Stainless Steel exhausts, fasteners and fittings for motorcycles.

The top man, designer, builder and all-round biker fetishist reckons he can build a system for the RC42 with a ten year guarantee and more power on standard jetting.

Price is dependent on numbers, so the more that are up for it - the better the deal. The opening price is £400 each. If you're interested get in touch with me at the usual e-dress (bottom of page) and when there are enough numbers we'll get something going.

Meanwhile you can check out their web site at www.osmc.demon.co.uk

Chris (Ed)