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ICE cool reception for dark visors

The long awaited report by The Institute of Consumer Ergonomics (ICE) has
been released to the public at long last.

Most informed people expect the government to relent, and acknowledge that dark visors are safe. That may still happen, but the ICE report isn't encouraging.

I don't believe that any rider would choose to use a dark visor after sunset, but ICE believes otherwise. The report says that dark visors restrict vision after dark - yup I agree with that. Meaning I guess, that we shouldn't use them at all?

Dark visors have many advantages over sunglasses. Visors can be flipped up with a quick finger if need be, they don't move around at unwelcome times (unlike glasses) and they are made from shatter-proof polycarbonate plastic.

Have you ever ridden through an unlit tunnel wearing ordinary sunglasses? It's scarry. You can't stop to take off the glasses because you simply don't know where the kerb is. All you can do is focus on the distant tunnel exit and pray that there's nothing in the way. Give me a flip-up dark visor any day.

The ICE report does recommend that darker visors than allowed at present, should be permitted, both night and day. Well that's a move in the right direction. The current situation allows daytime use of visors transmitting not less than 50% of light - or night time use of visors that let in more than 80% of light. ICE suggest visors that let in at least 33.4% should be legal, day or night. Are you confused yet?

The Department of Local Government, Transport and the Regions (DTLR) is due to start a public consultation in March which will probably take several months. Meanwhile our freedom is being restricted for no defined reason. Yet again it's down to the good old Nanny state and Whitehall officials telling us what's good for us. Cheers, and to think our taxes pay their wages...

If you want to take part in the consultation, write to the following address (source: Motor Cycle News):- Bheena Natarajan, Vehicle Standards and Engineering Branch, Great Minster House, 76 Marsham Street, London, SW1P 4DR.