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On Plugs and Chains

Hi Chris

I hope Rocky has more luck with his DENSO SPARK PLUG test than I did. When I bought my bike new in Feb 2000 it came with Denso plugs fitted. They lasted for about 2000 miles before it started to vibrate, start up on 3 cylinders and drink fuel (less than 45mpg. I mentioned it to my dealer and the service manager immediately asked if it had Denso plugs fitted, to which I replied yes. He gave me a set of NGK plugs and they have been brilliant ever since. The Denso plugs where the first set ( and the last) that I have used. I always fit NGKs and change them every 8000 miles. My bike has now done 26000 miles and has never run better, 128 MPH, 52MPG not at the same time obviously.

I sometimes hear people complaining of vibration. Mine only vibrates if the chain is too tight, I adjust it until I can get a finger between the chain and the swinging arm whilst pushing the chain up hard. When the rear suspension is loaded by sitting on it, it works out right, any tighter and my right footrest tingles!

Keep up the good work

Bob Livesey