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Spring into action.

Springs - sooner or later your CB is going to get all Saggy in the undercarriage department.

It would be easy to throw some hard earned cash in the direction of your humble CeeBe. Though that might be a waste of time. If you really want a motorcycle that handles like a NR500, maybe you should give Alex Crivillé a ring - rumour is that he'll have no use for his Honda next year. But, I digress. The standard CB suspension is perfectly adequate for 99.9% of normal road-going situations. So any changes are going to be either cosmetic or straightforward replacement of tired standard kit. Or perhaps not? Below is a list of contacts in the UK. This isn't anywhere near a definitive list - just a few early leads.

M.R Holland
Contact: Pete Spence
Telephone: 01775 720111

Eibach UK
Unit 5, Swannington Road,
Broughton Astley, LE9 LTU
Leicestershire, England
(44) 1455-286524
Fax: (44) 1455-285853

Contact: Andy White
Telephone: 01942 896366

MC Technics
Contact: Darren Wnukoski
Telephone: 01449 775775

All these businesses specialise in motorcycle suspension. Soon I will need to get my CBs rear shocks rebuiltt. Maybe at the end of the coming winter.

I expect many of your bikes will be in need of a little attention too, so if you try any of these contacts or find another source - write and let us all know how you get on.