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Reasonable oomph...

Dear CB-Sevenfifty.org.uk

Glad to see there are actually some other CBsevefifties out there, I bought mine recently (April) and have only seen one on the road since.

I have a '92 in Gunmetal which was in original condition bar the exhausts (replaced due to a 'sorry I didn't see you mate' incident) it only had 9000 on the clock when I picked it up but I've managed to increase that to 16000.

While the bike has a few faults I really like it, it's a good compromise for me as I use it everday for commuting to work, it has reasonable 'oomph' for weekend fun, is good two-up and I find it fine for long journeys.

I've just started tweaking mine and recently changed to flatter bars, which are around 1 1/2" lower than the originals with much heavier bar ends. I prefer the new riding position as you can still sit fairly upright and remain comfortable a low speed but at speed I can sit more into the tank and get a bit of a 'racing crouch' (well sort of) which while I'm sure it's only psychological does seem to make me go faster. The handling feels better but I also replaced the fork oil (looked like it had been in the bike from new) around about the same time so I'm not sure if it's made that much difference.

I also had a Scottoiler touring kit fitted which I would recomend to everyone. I've just purchased a belly pan & screen (I'm trying the Fabbri as it seems to have worked well for others) and should get them fitted in the next few days. I'll try and get some pictures and info. on how the fitting went and any other changes I've made when I get a chance.

Anyway I'm glad to see someone has went to the trouble of setting up and maintaing a useful site for CB's, keep up the good work.

Phil Skinner