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Improving the perfect Honda

Dear CB-Sevenfifty.org.uk

Let me introduce Myself. I am Werner Op de Beeck, I live in Belgium. (The land with 10 working camera's on the road to check your speed). Paradise - only too small. (Lucky Man, I am tired of speed cameras everywhere. It's getting so people just don't give a damn anymore. I ignore them now, and just ride like I've always done using common sense. Ed.)

I ride motorcycles from when I was 5 years old. I'm 24 now. I am obsessed by CB's. I had a Boll d'Or 750 4 years ago an then it all started. My 750 sevenfifty is 3 years old from new. (I bought it new) and it now has 80.000 km. on it (that's about 50.000 miles I think). I don't have to tell you that I never ever had any troubles with it, nothing. So OK the gasket of the valve thin blew up (not the headgasket, the one above) just 8 bolts to change it. No worries.

I've changed a lot of things to make the motorcycle more complete. It has (Double point, please be seated):

SKF wheel bearings. Half the price of Honda ones.

WP progressive front springs the best, every one shout fit it ( 90 British pounds, all work done by WP ride in, ride out)

Pirelli Dragon GTS tyres up front

Goodridge brake lines (don't throw your money away on this, it helps but if you don't ride circuits every day, you really don't need them)

EBC braking pads cheaper and stronger brakes ( never buy Armstrongs, there good in dry weather, but XXXX in rain)

Renthals handlebars ('nach, is there anything else????????)

UFO hand protectors If you ride 365 days a year like me, (I don't have a car, so everything is with the motorcycle) you need them (just cut them till they fit).

CBX mirrors so you see the road, not your arms

For the moment original Honda screen: good protection, but some turbulence around the helmet.

Heated grips Top!!!! 12 ponds!!! 3 years old still going real hot!! the Elefantentreffen in January (minus 15° to ride, warm hands!!!!!) mine are from Hein Gericke.

Honda motor protection bars (crankcase)

NGK plugs

Valvoline 10W 40 Oil

Dynojet kit, K&N air filter, Lazer 4/1 exhaust, buy it, ride it love it!!!

D.I.D. chain

AFAM spockets = top!!! never buy Regina gold (crap!!)

3 Hepco & Becker cases: 2 41 liters on the sides, one 45 liter on top. It's that or aluminium touratech side cases there top to! The hepco's are 80.000km with the sevenfifty crashed about 10 times (soft drops, no 100 miles slides) still no real damage (you see they're used but still waterproof)

Scottoiler : used it for 50.000 km. thrown it away, spray it every 150 miles same result + you don't forget to check it

Pirelli MT 80 off-road tyre (like they use on BMW GS, Varadero, ....) Pegs down on mother terra in every corner!!! good grip in the snow, 15.000 miles and still reasonable profile (even with burn outs)

That's about it, me thinks. Saving money now for other footpegs and a Eddy Lawson Z1100R Fairing, other mirrors, maybe a Corbin or a Moto Martin???? oww, carbon look Indicators too.

The CBX has a dynojet, K&N, Sebring 4/1, Pirelli Dragons, Heated grips, WP front springs, .... little mirror cause the others are on my CB. The CBX is up for sale, 900 Good English pounds (or 55.000 Belgian franks if you wish 1200 Euro's)

Keep up the good work. the world really need more CB's! The best Honda has made, ever!

Werner "Vlieger" Op de Beeck

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