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A site for sore eyes

Dear CB-Sevenfifty.org.uk

Hooray, a Sevenfifty web site, I had given up all hope. Having recently joined the computer age the first thing I did was to search for anything on my bikes, the CB and XLR200 Trailie. Honda Owners site being my first stop. Nothing for either, I was gutted and looked at all the Bandit stuff with envy. Then I spotted you on a link on David Silver Spares ltd. So there are others out there who love their Sevenfifty.

If you take any notice of some of the bike mags you would nether consider buying one. Personally I find it extremely versatile, capable of everything from the smallest country lane to motorway cruising. The only thing you can't do is go off road, that's where the XLR comes in. Keep up the good work, I'll be a regular visitor from now on, like the sound of an owners club.