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Congratulations and Modifications to CB's

Dear CB-Sevenfifty.org.uk

Well done a first for the good olí 750. Itís good to be different from the crowd. I came into the fortune of inheriting my dads CB whilst he was abroad, and on his return after a year of pressure of getting another bike which one did he get, yes an identical new one. His is totally standard and will stay that way. Mine I have fitted the Hornet wheels so the bike looks like how Honda should have made it. Had to fit Hornet yokes and modify them with the CB stem, and space the mudguard and brakes as the forkes are now 10mm further apart. I need to finish fitting the speedo to come of the gearbox to finish the job but will send you some pics once itís all done, and repaired the front where some ass has knocked it over in a bike bay.

Take Care


(Ed.Sounds tasty can't wait to see the shots)