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Christian or Biker? Can you be both?

Let's kick off with the gearbox...
Surfing the web, looking for inspiration and hope. The CB’s gearbox was, I thought, about ready to pack it’s cogs and leave. I stumbled across this site and instantly realised that I had found the oasis of mechanical hope that I had been searching for! Now, I could gain all knowledge at the font of all CBee wisdom to find out how to cure my disintegrating gearbox. Perhaps a transplant was needed? Could a suitable donor be found? Would the CBX engine fit? I bathed in this wondrous new thing that I had found. Maybe, just maybe, someone (or something) out there in cyber-land might have what I had been looking for. I hoped beyond hope - and back again!

Then, without warning, I cleaned my trusty steed!
Was that a tight spot on the chain? Why hadn’t anybody told me about this, how could I have lived my life for so long without ever realising? How could I have been so blind!? So foolish! So.......lazy! Would my gearbox ever forgive me?

Yes, I know, clean and oil your chain weekly. I have no excuse to offer. Isn’t WD40 wonderful! And that sticky stuff you spray on; magnificent.

I have confessed to my, understandable, oversight. But still I have borne the brunt of more than one ribbing (thanks Chris!). The worst, being at the Christian bikers Christmas bash: Picture, if you will, the village idiot being taunted by the local rowdies: A pathetic hapless figure, with nowhere to turn except to peer distantly into his pint of Stella, sorry, er, Schloer and you can begin to understand the depth of suffering I have endured. Christians, eh? Caring, compassionate, understanding, charitable......bah humbug.

One primary sprocket later...
Allow me to elaborate. Does the phrase “Christian first, biker second”, make you wince? Does the thought of getting both knees down, simultaneously, bring you out in a rash? Would you believe in God, even if he did pass you doing 100+ on one wheel, on the inside, round that diesel infested roundabout with the dodgy camber, on his CG 125, in the wet!?

Is nothing sacred!? I hear you rhetort. Even Sunday’s arn’t sacrosanct and free from this religious mumbo jumbo any more! Surely Sunday’s mean being out for a blast, if its dry, or down to B&Q, if its wet! It’s like trying to introduce religion into Xmas, how could you!?

God is for life.
Sorry guys. You see, for me, God is for life, not just for weddings, funerals and Christenings. And, it’s the same for those I ride with. Some of the Christian bikers I know, are ex outlaws and angels; Police and Architects(!). I was a professional soldier, at one time as far from God as any. But one thing is the same for all of us: We invited Christ into our lives and know the difference; God’s interested in who you are not what you are.

Devils bridge on a Sunday morning.
No religion here then, just faith! Yes, we do attend “church”, but God never said it couldn’t be at devils bridge on a Sunday morning! We share Jesus in many ways, the most effective is building friendships, breaking down barriers, and by being available to help whoever, whenever and wherever we can: Christian bikers are involved in many events and situations.

Drag Racing
“Tribe of Judah” have a drag (as in fast quarter mile!) racing team.

Coffee mornings
CMA (Christian Motorcyclists Association) set up a tent, at bike meetings and events, providing a “Holy Joe’s” serving tea or a coffee (and sometimes a place to sober up) to well oiled bikers (Nothing more sobering than getting the Gospel when you have a hang over!).

Youth projects
CMA have set up youthbike projects in inner city areas, to reach “out of reach” kids.

...and all sorts of people stuff.
FCM (Federation of Christian Motorcyclists), as the others, do toy runs and charity events. In fact as Christians together we go to rallies, into prisons, into churches, youth centres, anywhere the Lord leads us and..... diddy daadeedaah, have fun (wash my mouth out). We won’t judge, that’s not our job. We leave that to the highest judge of all. So if there is a God, and his son Jesus Christ did die on a cross to bring hope to a dying world, and we as Christians believe this and were not telling you about it. He ain’t gonna be very happy when we ultimately face Him, is He!?

Maybe this isn’t the image that the phrase“Christian Bikers” brings to mind! Aren’t Christians supposed to be small, free from bodily hair and miserable?

Sorry, I digress, does anybody know where I can get a belt drive for a CB750!?

Merry Christmas and a rumble free new year

Ian Johnstone

www.cmauk.net | www.holyjoes.net
www.bike.org.uk | www.fcm-bikers.org.uk

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