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Hints and Tips

Send in your hot hints and tips
Email them to cb750@freenetname.co.uk

Camchain without the pain?
When your camchain needs replacing dont pay for an expensive engine strip just have a soft link camchain fitted for around £150 including a carb balance.
(Shaun Hinchliffe)

Get you home
Always carry some tape and a bootlace in your bike toolkit so that you temporarily repair a broken throttle cable assuming that it has broken at the top end of the cable. This tip could save you having to wait for the AA.
(Shaun Hinchliffe)

Stall or fall?
While riding in Yorkshire I saw a bike that was going up a very steep hill give way to a car that was coming down it. Unfortunately he stopped on some gravel and the bike started to slide backwards with the front wheel locked up. After two desperate dabs with his boot down he went, complete with wife and luggage.

If you ever find yourself in this position stall the bike, this will stop you sliding backwards. Once you have steadied yourself apply the back brake (don't touch the front) start her up and away you go.

Fitting new handlebars
One little tip (something I never payed attention to) If you change your hanblebars, don't forget to make 2 little holes in them, otherwise you mess up your switch units for the lights and high beam (like mister intelligence here did). Have fun.
(Vlieger - aka Mr Burns)

To get chain lube off your rear wheel
To get chain lube off your rear wheel without damaging the paintwork,My wife found that Mr Muscle kitchen cleaner works a treat.Spray it on and leave it a couple of minutes and wipe off with a cloth and warm soapy water.The lemon one smells nice too.
(Rocky and Clare Burton)

Easy front wheel removal/replacement
When removing the front wheel also remove the front brake lever or place a block (wood or some such) between the lever and handlebars. When you remove the front wheel,the slightest squeeze on the front brake lever will cause the brake caliper pistons to push out making it almost impossible to replace the wheel. Believe me, I've had experience of this on other bikes and it's not fun. Stop the lever operating - that way the brake calipers can't move. Five minutes can save you hours of struggling when refitting the wheel.
(Rocky and Clare Burton)

Warm gloves
When you stop for a fag and it's a bit chilly, stuff your gloves in near the engine, it's heaven when you put them back on (for a couple of miles anyway).
(Alan Chapman)

Heat up stuck joints
When you're trying to release engine parts and they just will not budge, don't give up. And leave the hammer in the toolbox. Nine times out of ten a little heat applied to the right spot with a blow torch will expand the metal enough to allow the parts to be seperated.

Pamper them porkies
If you get freezing fingers in winter, buy heated grips. In Belgium they start at 12.5 pounds (yeah right) and go to 150 pounds (real Honda ones). I've got a pair for 41 pound - warm hands year in, year out - even at the Elefanten for 3 years with freezing conditions (-12°C).

Oil change blues
When changing engine oil, always make sure you refit the sealing washer to the drain bolt. If you don't there is a chance that the bolt will loosen and drop out, resulting in all your lovelly oil being dumped on the road. And, don't overtighten the bolt - the sump (pan) is easily cracked. I have already changed two on my sevenfifty! The thing is that the thread where the bolt goes in is made from some sort of aluminium and it is only about one centimetre thick.

After washing
After washing your bike, give it a good spray over with a good water dispersant spray like WD40. Not too much - just enough to coat the surfaces. Not brakes or you can kiss next Christmas goodbye. This will extend the life of your bike's good looks no end.

When your sat in a stationary queue of traffic
When your sat in a stationary queue of traffic, keep watching your rear-view mirror. Leave yourself an exit, to move to in case a dozzy idiot runs into your tail.

Buy cheap - buy twice

Lookout for Pongos
Never follow livestock carrying vehicles, or military troop carrying vehicles as neither are fitted with 'inflight facilities', and you run the risk of being covered in all sorts of waste body fluids.
(Bob Livesey)

Let mugs try new stuff first
They can test it for you. Meanwhile stick to what is tried and proven. If new ideas work, you can start using them later. Those new ideas will be cheaper then too.

String - a low tech solution that really works
Attach a length of string to your Disc lock or wheel chain, then wrap it round your mirror/startswitch, Natural instinct will be to see what its attached to, You'll never try to ride off with your lock still in place.

The only thing a flashing indicator proves is that the bulb works - never pull out just because someone indicates. Remember they're out to get you!

Side panels
Mr Honda very thoughtfully provided useful holes on the top of the CB's side panels. Use them to fix Cable Ties to secure the side panels to the top rails. This second line of defence may prevent the loss of a side panel to a thief or vibration. Also it makes things just a little more awkward for opportunist robbery. But remember to carry a pocket knife or similar in case you ever need to cut them on the roadside.

Chain adjusters
To stop the chain adjuster nuts from becoming corroded, slip a piece of silicone or rubber hose over them. Then whenever you need to adjust the chain, just pull off the hose and the nuts will be nice and clean, and easy to undo! I have blue silicone hose, to match my blue bike, looks kinda cool!

Blue n pretty adjuster booties

(Zoe Withnall)

Staying on the right side of the road
When you're riding on the continent it is too easy to forget yourself and out of habit revert to riding on the 'wrong' side of the road. A simple reminder is to either paint a border of nail varnish around the edge of the right hand mirror or stick on a paper arrow. The nail varnish has the advantage of not obscuring any of the view, but you feel a bit daft asking your misses if you can borrow her Boots Red Super Glossy.