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New faster horses for the editor

The more observant amongst you might have noted something odd about the above picture, you might even be checking to make sure youíre on the right site (now would be a good time for a closer look if youíre confused by that first sentence). Now the Ďtimes they are a changiní as Bob once sang and in more ways in one. First, the obvious change, my time as a CB owner is fast coming to an end. The SevenFifty was a great bike - still is - fitted perfectly with my needs for a time; but nothing lasts forever. I wanted more CCís but still some comfort for my crash battered body and a 1200 Bandit seemed to fit the bill perfectly (didnít fit the budget but luckily Iíve got an understanding girlfriend - cheers Irene).

I wonít bore you with all my reasons for changing bikes, largely it was just time for me to move on. I donít believe in sticking with the same model or manufacturer, they all have their strengths and weaknesses. There arenít really many bad bikes out there; itís just a case of finding the one that suits you at the time. Otherwise you stop being a biker and become a Honda owner (or Kawasaki or Laverda -god forbid! - whatever).

Obviously this leaves the site in a difficult situation, the Editors post is now obviously open but behind the scenes itís also time for change. The Ďfatherí of the site, Chris Chapman, sold his CB some time ago but has carried on working on the technical side. Chris is also now ready to move-on, however there doesnít seem to be anybody to take over.

I feel it would be a great shame for the site to die out, a couple of thousand of you check out the site each month so it must be of benefit to someone. I know from the quantity of emails I receive thereís plenty of proud CB owners out there. Currently weíre considering leaving the Message Board running so owners can stay in touch but the intention at the moment is to shut the rest of the site down.

So the ballís in your court, if two or three of you fancy taking over get in touch ASAP or a valuable resource for RC42 owners will shortly disappear.

Iíd like to say a big THANK YOU to those whoíve put the effort in, Iíve met some good people through the site and enjoyed my brief sojourn as your Editor, Cheers!

The SevenFifty is a great and very underrated bike loaded with real world value, I still have no hesitation in recommending it to anyone - but itís still only one of many - ride it while you love it.

See yaí in my rear view mirror ;o)


Phil has now moved on and we wish him well for the future. I mailed Phil a while ago and he was enjoying his new relationship with the Bandit, he was happy to grant his permission for me to re-launch this content valuable resource under its new domain name.