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John Rudder's Honda CB750
with National Cycle Windshield F16 screen.

National Cycle Windshield F16

I have just fitted a new screen to my CB750. It is a National Cycle Windshield out of the USA and retailed here in Australia for $139 (US$79). It is called an "F16" and I am more than happy with it..

National Cycle Windshield F16

It is made of tough scratch resistant polycarbonate and is dark tinted and matches my dark green paintwork well.

Fitting took about 15 minutes and allows for 20 degrees of adjustment. It is held in place by the headlight mounting and although it came with large replacement bolts and nuts (it is a universal fitting design), the existing Honda chrome headlight bolts secured it well. It hasn't moved at all so far and stayed in place in all speed and wind conditions.

Riding was a pleasant surprise. The body blast has been eliminated and seems to be great at all speeds up to 120km/hr. You will have to try the higher speeds yourself. The air flow to the helmet is smooth and no buffeting occurs. The fresh air supply through the helmet vents is perfect and well needed riding here in Australia. It was 37 degrees C today. I do notice a flow of air to the throat area but its not annoying.

On top of these attributes I think it looks neat as well and enhances the no nonsense look of the CB750. I am yet to try it in rain but it appears to keep the elements away from the gloves, arms and body by its design.

I can sincerely recommend it to any Honda 750 owners.

Stay upright,
John :o)